is a reasonably painless, ancient Eastern healing technique which consists of the insertion of small, sterile needles into strategic points on the body.  Acupuncture has been proven to induce a state of relaxation, balance and healing.  The theory behind acupuncture is there are two opposing forces that exist within the body, Yin (female) and Yang (male).  In order for the body to function properly these forces need to co-exist in harmony; any disturbance in this balance can potentially lead to health problems.  Acupuncture is a well known remedy for the treatment of pain; however it can also benefit a wide variety of disorders.   Regular acupuncture treatments can strengthen the immune system, allowing one to better withstand colds, flu and minor infections.  It can help to alleviate pain, overcome addictions and has been proven to reduce stress levels.  Acupuncture can also be affective at treating feelings of unhappiness or any feelings of being generally unwell.

Is an ancient healing technique which creates suction and negative pressure to stimulate the flow of blood and qi to stagnant muscles and skin, reducing inflammation and stimulating lymphatic flow.  Cupping is often used to relieve pain in the muscles from stiffness or injury and for clearing congestion in the chest from the common cold or flu.  During a cupping treatment, a partial vacuum is created inside a specially designed glass cup, which is then placed on lightly lubricated skin. The negative pressure holds the cup in place as it draws the skin upward. There is no sensation of pain, rather a pulling sensation on the skin.

Uses several rounded tools, such as a ceramic spoon, to gently scrape or rub the skin to relieve blood stagnation by gathering impurities to the surface to be released. Like cupping, guasha is also used to address the blood and qi stagnation of musculoskeletal pain or the symptoms of the common cold, flu, bronchitis, or asthma.

Is the process of delivering heat to acupuncture points or areas of the body by burning moxa, the Chinese herb Ai ye or mugwort, for the treatment and prevention of chronic health conditions. Moxa is used to warm regions of the body and acupuncture points to stimulate circulation and induce a smoother flow of qi throughout the body.  Moxibustion can be combined with acupuncture and Chinese herbs to increase the effects of a treatment.