Testimonials from Clients
"I had chronic asthma for many years as well as chronic pain and stress that were limiting my activities. Since working with Jessica, I have not had an episode of asthma and I have no need to take medication for it. My pain and stress have been significantly reduced, allowing me to pursue new dreams in my life. Jessica has a rare combination of education and precise skills combined with genuine intuition and a compassionate outlook. I am so grateful for the healing gifts she has given me."
-Anne Conrad-Antoville
“Jessica has been treating me with acupuncture and herbs for a year and a half.  I noticed immediate relief from the pain I was experiencing after my first session.  Jessica's tinctured and powdered herbal blends, made at her apothecary, have further assisted me with my healing process.  I am free of discomfort and pain, and I attribute it largely to my sessions with Jessica.  Her gentle and compassionate nature, along with her extensive knowledge make her a truly gifted healer.”
-Danielle Jun

Jade Dragon is a place of healing.  For me it is very special, a place where I can relax and open up freely.  Letting myself heal and my energy recharge, I have let go of things in past that I thought would always haunt me.  Now I am a radiant light beaming positive energy and blessed that Jessica has helped me to become that.  –S.B.

“I highly recommend Jessica Baker for all of her services. I have received acupuncture from her and every time she gave me a treatment I not only saw immediate results for the issue that I went for but it also helped my whole body, mind and spirit in other ways as well. I love her spirit, knowledge and technique.”   -N.T.